Vivaldi – Highly Customisable, Privacy-Oriented Browser

Vivaldi is a highly customisable and feature-rich web browser that values user privacy and productivity. Here’s our review.

Features and Tools

One of Vivaldi’s core strengths is its feature-rich interface, which has been designed with the goal of solving browsing problems without the need for add-ons. It offers an extensive range of tools to enhance productivity, customisation, navigation, and more.

Privacy and Security

Vivaldi takes user privacy seriously. It does not track users, sell user data, or create profiles for profit. It includes an Ad Blocker and Tracker Blocker to enhance browsing speed and privacy, a feature to hide cookie warnings, a Private Window mode, and a Password Manager for easy account access.


Vivaldi boasts an unrivaled collection of tab tools for more organized and efficient browsing. These include Tab Stacking, Tab Hibernation, and Tab Tiling. It also offers Web Panels, User Profiles, Workspaces, Session Management, Reader View, and a Pop-out Video feature.


The browser is highly customizable, allowing users to adjust the User Interface (UI) to their preference. It has Editable Toolbars, Themes, and Extensions Support. Unique features like synchronisation with Philips Hue lights and Razer Chroma on Windows add a layer of immersion to browsing.

Navigation and Search Tools

Vivaldi provides Speed Dials for quick access to favourite websites, Mouse Gestures, Keyboard Shortcuts, Spatial Navigation, and Quick Commands. An innovative feature is Command Chains, which allow users to trigger a custom sequence of commands with a single keystroke or gesture.

Additional Tools

Vivaldi has a built-in Mail client, Calendar, Feed Reader, Sync feature, Notes, Translation tool, and History overview. It also includes a Capture tool for screenshots and a Page Zoom feature.


Vivaldi offers an embedded arcade-style game called Vivaldia, adding a unique entertainment factor to the browser.

User Reviews

User reviews suggest that Vivaldi offers many features and tools that enhance the browsing experience and that it performs well across different operating systems. However, some users reported occasional performance drops and issues with video playback speed compared to other browsers.

Cross-Platform Availability

Vivaldi is available for use on various platforms, including macOS, Windows, and Linux, but the extent of support for Linux distributions could not be confirmed at this time.


Vivaldi is a robust browser that places a high value on user control, customization, and privacy. Its extensive range of features, combined with a commitment to not tracking users or selling user data, make it an attractive choice for users who want a more personalised, privacy-conscious browsing experience. However, as with any software, user experience may vary, and potential users should consider their specific needs and preferences when deciding whether to use Vivaldi.