StartMail – Private Email You Can Trust

StartMail is a secure email service provided by the developers of, their second product after a private search engine. The service offers a range of valuable features, including a secure email inbox. This article discusses these features and answers the question of whether StartMail is a trustworthy service.

This paid service has many benefits, such as allowing users to send and receive encrypted emails. Another useful feature of StartMail is the lack of limitations on the number of aliases that can be added to an account. The service works on any system, and users can access it through popular email programs or web browsers.

In terms of privacy and personal data protection online, the advantages of StartMail are as follows:

  • The email inbox is free of advertisements, and StartMail never installs trackers in users’ browsers.
  • The company behind the product promises they cannot access users’ messages.
  • StartMail, like Startpage, has its roots in the Netherlands, where the company and servers are located.
  • Users can block tracking pixels, protect against attacks, and hide their IP addresses.
  • Subscription payments can also be made using Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

With just one click in StartMail, users can encrypt messages using PGP. This means that important messages can be sent to contacts with the confidence that only authorized recipients can access their content. PGP encryption also has applications for message signing, providing almost 100% certainty that the message is indeed from the sender, for those who use similar technology.

StarMail users’ data is stored in encrypted personal vaults. Moreover, StartMail and Startpage servers’ are located in the Netherlands, within the European Union, so they are subject to the strictest privacy regulations ever adopted.

Other important facts about StartMail include the following:

  • A subscription to the service gives users 20 GB of email inbox storage.
  • It works on all modern devices with internet access and is compatible with most systems.
  • Users can customize the appearance of their inbox in many ways and use an intuitive search tool.
  • If users have their own domain, they can use StartMail to create a mail address with the name of that domain after the @ symbol.

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