Surfshark’s Incogni – Take Back Control of Your Personal Data, Effortlessly

Ever wondered if you could erase your digital footprint? With Surfshark’s innovative service, Incogni, this is not a far-fetched idea. A service designed to help safeguard your personal information, Incogni ensures your data stays where it should be – with you. Let us dive deeper into what Incogni is and how it functions to maintain your privacy.

The Essence of Incogni

Incogni, a remarkable product of Surfshark, is essentially a digital sweeper. It reaches out to data brokers on your behalf, requesting the removal of your personal data. The service is fully automated, meaning you just need to subscribe, and Incogni will kick-start the process of cleansing your digital footprint. At present, it coordinates with over 180 data brokers and public databases, and this figure continues to surge as Incogni evolves.

Incogni: An Automated Data Privacy Tool

Developed by Surfshark, a brand reputed for its top-tier VPN, Incogni is an autonomous data privacy software. This tool takes the weight off your shoulders, scrubbing off your personal data from the web without requiring much effort on your part. Let us take a closer look at its unique features.

At the heart of Incogni is an automated data removal system. The moment you set up your account and complete the subscription process, Incogni embarks on the mission to clean your data. It is straightforward and efficient, and in our assessment, performed perfectly, initiating data removals instantly.

However, it is essential to note that this tool is only accessible to residents in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and the European Union. The operation is based on privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore, requests from individuals residing in other countries may not be processed.

Data Brokers and Incogni: An Ongoing Expansion

Incogni is always broadening its data broker network. Currently, it collaborates with 180 data brokers and a multitude of public databases. Prominent data brokers that Incogni can send removal requests to include AccuData, InfoPay, DecaData, Censia, and W20.

Why Choose Incogni?

Data brokers accumulate vast quantities of personal data, often sold to entities such as marketing and recruiting firms. The possibility of sensitive information, like your medical records, falling into the wrong hands can lead to unpleasant scenarios such as elevated insurance rates or misuse by foreign agencies.

A data breach can also expose sensitive information like social security numbers to cybercriminals. By using Incogni to eliminate your data from these brokers, you can enhance not only your online privacy but also your overall security.

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Costs and Plans

Incogni operates on a subscription model. You can opt for a monthly plan or an annual subscription to ensure long-term protection against data collection. All plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee. The monthly subscription is priced at $12.99, while the yearly plan is $77.88, averaging out to $6.49 per month.

Safety and Confidentiality

Incogni does require certain personal information to ascertain the presence of your data with data brokers and verify its removal. This includes details like your email, full name, address, phone number, date of birth, and signature.

However, Surfshark is committed to privacy, and you can always request the removal of your data from its servers.


If the misuse of your personal data unnerves you, Incogni is a worthy ally to erase most of your private information from the internet. In an era where manual data removal requests can be daunting, we highly commend Incogni’s automated process.